Trappings: Miami

Here is some feedback we've received from viewers of the exhibition at MIA.

I like to wear a smile. It is free. It is refreshing. It speaks in all languages.

Crystal Marie


Bright colors give me energy and make me feel powerful.

Pamela Lafrance
Miami, FL

Hi! i'm in the MIA and I was inspired by your art exhibit... Thank you for putting art in Miami airport and for making women heard.

Whenever I travel, I wear something that makes me feel powerful. You never know if you could meet your dream employer or your future love on an airplane, so you should look and feel your best. Today I'm wearing jean leggings and high heels, because it makes me feel comfortable and powerful at the same time.

Thank you for sharing this project!

I am a man who can honestly and proudly say that when I see a woman, I never think "less" or "unequal.". I hope sexism dies with my parents' generation.

Jim Michael-Burress
High Heels

Sonia S. Bridges
Miami, FL
My Name is Milady Feliciano and I feel empowered as women when I am wearing black clothing.

Black is very versatile color, you are able to dress up or down depending on the occasion. It gives me the flexibility to show up to any event because it makes me feel elegant, stylish and sophisticated
My board shorts! Pablo & David

Miami, FL

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