The Exam Room Two Girls Working: Tiffany Ludwig and Renee Piechocki
This installation at the Midwife Center for Birth and Women's Health in Pittsburgh, PA was designed to feature women's perspectives on the connections between power, body, and motherhood. Two Girls Working, the artist collaboration of Tiffany Ludwig and Renee Piechocki, began the process of working with the Midwife Center with a Trappings interview session for clients and staff. Their portraits and stories have been combined with select women from across the country in several intimately-scaled artworks throughout the facility.

Trappings is an artwork that begins by asking women to respond to the question: what do you wear that makes you feel powerful? While the project begins with a question about clothing, the project is not about fashion and to a large extent is not even about clothing. Trappings ignites conversations about the meaning and expression of power. Since 2001, the artist collaboration Two Girls Working has interviewed more than 600 women across the United States.

This artwork recently received the honor of being selected by Americans for the Arts’ Public Art Network 2008 Year in Review, a survey of the year’s most innovative and exemplary works of contemporary public art.

The installation will be on view from November 2007 – December 2012. This installation is located at the Midwife Center for Birth and Women’s Health, 2825 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA.

The artwork can be viewed during business hours by appointment.
To schedule, call (412) 321-6880.

This project has received generous funding from
and PA Partners in the Arts.

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